Almost a year

I am not completely new to the blog world {oh but I am!!}… I used to have a craft blog {Inkyfingerz} when I sold CTMH for years. I loved posting all my paper crafting goodness!! But it wasn’t all that I was.  So I decided to blog under a new name and called Life Happenz Here!! I wanted it to be a blog about all the things I happened to get myself into because I was more than a card more than layout!! I love to do all things paper, food, paint, can’t sew a lick but I love fabric and will use it in a number of ways that don’t require me to use a pattern or sew… and yet I sew on cards… silly huh???

Many of you don’t know my story but I will share a bit.  We adopted our little princess and moved from the Pacific Northwest to Big Ol Texas when she was just 2 months old.  Our lives were so busy with a multitude of therapies and doctor appointments and all that life had become with having a new baby with special needs, plus 3 other children.  I myself have always at all times had some sort of project going… more than one at a time would be normal, quite normal.  That didn’t change with the move or the addition of the sweet baby.  I had a new “old” house that needed lots of love and attention.  Our furniture that was wonderful in the old house wasn’t in our new and I wanted to paint cabinets and change up everything… And when I ran out of furniture of ours to paint, I kept hunting and buying more… Then I think somewhere along the way it became a new rush for me. The buying old part but painting wasn’t new.. Ask my mom who Gasped or almost died, when I painted my great grandmothers bedroom set… Oh the trouble that one caused me almost 15 years ago- {and I stop at that one because I won’t date myself back any further than that!! }  But we honestly had nooo more room for furniture… my dear lovely supportive husband said I should think about selling a something.  I listed it and it sold in 2 hours.  I either didn’t ask enough for it or it was really pretty!!

It was this armoire in this post that sold FAST!!  

{honestly I wanted to keep it and put linens in it}

I bought it for what I consider high now- $75 and my hubby drove to Canton and back to get it. 

Are you ready- I sold it for $150… I only asked that thinking it wouldn’t sell for that much and I could keep it!!

I spent almost a full week or two {that’s long for me I am a do-er not a thinker} debating on whether I should pitch this bright idea I had to start a business.  I just wanted to help contribute a little bit, definitely not take away from our budget, have fun, and meet new people.  What would he say. I told you above I sold CTMH- it was fun but I was certainly not making money, in fact I spent everything I made on building this fabulous craft room I blog from today!!

Then I bought and I sold this cute little French Provincial desk.  And she wanted me to paint more for her to match the desk~ and it all became real… I was doing what I loved and having so much fun!!

I started a facebook page… I bought a logo off of etsy!! And before I knew more than the friends and family were “liking” my page.  And I had new clients that were asking me to paint for them. 

I even donated a Queen Anne Table to our local HS football booster auction. 

I couldn’t believe the little ol’ me was doing something so fun and making a little money!!

I wasn’t having to ask my hubby to support my business and wasn’t going to ever ask!! So this was a WIN!! And all because of YOU!!

I even shipped my first piece of furniture off my etsy page to the sweetest lady in Philadelphia…

and many more…

This little sweet set made it all the way up to the NE!! {thank you Cynthia!!}

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed each and every transaction between clients!! I cannot tell you the thrill it was to deliver each piece of furniture to the owner and see their smiling faces.

I love each and every moment of every story behind every piece!! I have loved this “job” if you will more than any other!!

It’s allowed me to be creative, to do what I love, and to truly contribute to our family in more ways than I could have ever known.  I feel so blessed to share what I love with all of you!!

I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me!!

Thank you!! Thank you thank you!!




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  1. Thistle says:


    I am so totally blessed to have met you! You are so creative and talented and generally wonderful! I can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Don’t forget to tell everyone there I said hello!



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