Painted Chair Frame

Today’s Painted Chair Frame Before and After .
Working with new clients is always fun when they have beautiful pieces to work with.  These chairs are getting a new dress to go with their new painted look… I can’t wait to see it all come together. 

I painted these using a La Craie Magnolia base, topped with layers of Cobblestone, Hurricane, and Baguette.  Then came the fun part.  I used mica powder and infused it into the clear wax.  Painted on the mica powder in some recessed spots for more effect and also used Amy Howard’s Dust of Ages to give an even more older feel to the chairs.  These were definitely a labor of much love.

Closer look at the painted chair frame before and afters.    

Here’s During



I just can’t wait to see them when they have been reupholstered in their new gorgeous teal fabric… but that’s a 3 week wait.  Pics will come later!!

Thanks for stopping in for this painted chair frame before and after!! ~ Lori


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