Reupholsterd Chairs & How To…

I have to say these pictures have been waiting a long time for this post!! I am happy to finally be able to get focused on sharing!! It’s like that commercial of the kid in mid air that is stuck on the computer rather than being printed- I think it was a Kodak commercial!! That would be me!!  

Well, it was one of those moments when I showed up for this…. and I got asked to do this…. Switch gears real quick and throw out a quote per chair you will soon live to regret a million staples later!! But absolutely with a smile!! I loved these ladies!!

thought it was this…
and it was this…

I’d done these chairs before.. not my favorite but I knew how to… but not something I liked to do… I totally believe that upholstery professionals are worth their weight in gold!! 

I’ll hopefully walk you through with a lot of pictures I took along the way… They had just got the chairs cleaned and the cream fabric all of a sudden wasn’t so cream.  These sat in the “white room” of the Chocolate Angel in Richardson.  Not so white isn’t so good!!

When I ripped into… I mean gently broke into the the… No I ripped the trim away as it was hot glued on.  I got to see what I was soon to be up against.  I was hoping to take of the front and back make a quick template for all 6 chairs and ready to paint the frames and recover them and Voila they’d be done!! Not so much!! See what I found was a trillion staples!!

Stapling all the layers in!! This was going to be fun!! Did I mention I have ADHD and this kind of thing takes way too long!! Well, I settled in with a few tools and sat on the seat backwards to get comfy, because I was there for a long time!!

That screwdriver became my best friend!!

When taking apart the layers it is important to remember how it all lays in.  You should try and save as much as the filling as you can.  These chairs were not very old so it was easy to do.

When you finally have all the staples removed.  Make your templates from the old fabric that you took out.  Stretching very tightly across and down staple in your new fabric.
Laying in all the webbing and layers staple your top fabric back in as well.
Trim out around the edges with your trim.  I hot glued with fabric glue gun.  (Or there is Fabri-Tac)

And they are as good as new.  🙂 This job would have been better left to professionals but it wasn’t in the budget for the client!! And although I complained a lot during the process I sure thought they were pretty after!!

All in all, I did 60+ chairs for the Chocolate Angel locations.  I took some shots of their tea room the last time I visited.  They are the sweetest ladies you’ll meet.  So if you are local to the DFW area be sure to go say hi to Sherri at The HighStreet Antiques Location and Marcia at the Richardson location!! The food is incredible!!

Sometimes the hardest part about doing client work is the vision you have for a piece and the vision they have.  They of course are always right and I always give what they want… But I ran through a million ideas in my mind as I painted this baby up!!

In their space!!
Thanks for stopping in!! Happy Painting y’all!!


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  1. I am always dropping off chairs at the upholsters that need some TLC! Your work is amazing and I love the cane backing on the gray chair!


  2. Peggy Lydem says:

    Awesome! Seems I am doing a million chairs too these days! Even though I do this work professionally, 60 chairs would have put me over the edge! Great fabric choice for those chairs too!

  3. The tea room and furniture pieces are just stunning! Deserving of a magazine shoot. Found you via MMS and really enjoying your beautiful work. Thanks!

    • Lori says:

      Maryann you are so kind!! I visited your blog too!! Beautiful!! Love the old books post and shelf!! Thanks for stopping by I hope that you will come back again!! ~ Lori


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