Beautiful Colors and Beautiful People!!

Deciding to be the distributor for Maison Blanche before it ever made it’s way over here on the boat was exciting!! Also a little terrifying… Would I love it?? We all know I try everything and sometime even though I dream big and fail bigger- I get back up and keep going…

I’ve already told you how much I love the paint.  But what I didn’t know I would love even more- are the many emails, the many phone calls, and private messages from future distributors and customers wondering what I really think!! I loved this one call I got- I think her name was Deborah and I am sorry if that is wrong I am horrible with names!! But she says to me, “Now Lori I have read all of your blog post and your facebook and you seem like the kinda gal to try just about everything and you don’t seem like the gal who can lie if you don’t like it!! {insert my smile because yes that would be me!!} My posts have caused quite a stir when an innocent DIY’er as myself gave feedback on a new paint.  I thought I chose my words well enough.  But I am just like YOU!! I want an honest opinion {it may not be the same as mine but at least you were honest} and I have somewhere to go from there. So, I told her all about the paint all about everything I could.  But I couldn’t answer on the wax because I hadn’t tried it.  I have now and I am ready to tell you it is Awesome!!

This old school antique wax isn’t as potent as Fiddes and not anywhere near the smell of Briwax… and it’s a hard wax yet soft and totally the easiest stuff I have to date worked with.  It doesn’t clump up on your brush and moves smoothly across the furniture like melted butter- no it’s not melted. Although, in this Texas heat, it won’t take much to do so!!  I have played with the dark and I love that you can absolutely put it on straight without having to use clear first.  It works with a brush as though you were glazing yet giving the absolute durability of wax.  I am in LOVE.  It doesn’t take a couple of days to not be tacky… it truly is wonderful!!

I am loving the opportunity to teach others what I love to do!! Inspiring them to take a leap and paint their own pieces.  I had the first class just this week and what fun it was once I got over the nervousness of it all!! I can’t wait to do it again- {Aug 11th- 2 spots left!!}

But what I am loving the most are the colors.  I am loving all the subtle shades that really draw you in when you use them. I am finding this whole new color palette is one I absolutely feel at home with!! It’s so soothing!! & a whole lot of fun as well!!  I had my lovely husband cut apart a couple of chairs that weren’t really sturdy enough to redo but I thought they’d look splendid to paint all the colors on.  It was a lot of fun watching them transform – but most of all it is such a great true representation of the colors!! Which I think everyone will love and appreciate!!

Thanks for stopping in… come back for an ugly work table transformation mixing a few LaCraie colors to make a beautiful shade of well…. come back!!


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  1. Amy Hardy says:

    I love that the dark wax can be put directly on the paint! I may have to give this brand a try!


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