A Painted Fridge? You did What??

  I did ~ and at the blessing of my husband even!! From the time my little guy {now 8} was 18 months he has been carrying around a baseball bat trying to be just like his bigger brother!! And that bat put a couple of big dents in my stainless fridge!! I’ve been living with those sweet dents for 5-6 years. I don’t want to get rid of my beloved stainless refrigerator, so I decided to embrace the dents and well… make it less noticeable…

Two wooden owls redone in Silver Mink, Magnolia, and Franciscan Grey

I always wanted the front to be magnetic and the artwork to stick to the front without putting so much scotch tape all over and having to pick it off… So, I got a wild hair the last week of summer and painted it!!


First I rolled on 3, 4, 5 coats of the magnetic primer.  It took a lot to get those magnets to stick really good.  This is black so it’s perfect under chalkboards.  But I wanted a color. I have completely started to redo my kitchen {yes again, for those who know me and still love me!!} in soft cream and grey tones and I wanted just a pop of color and decided this was where I would get it!!

After rolling on the magnetic primer I brushed on La Craie’s Robin’s Egg… and oh I was nervous I am not going to lie.  But really the deed was done with the 5 coats of primer!!


 I did two coats of the Robin’s Egg- and here’s the lovely side note I debated on sharing with you… if you look closely you will note a beautiful crackle.  I put on a very thick first and second coat.  That refrigerator door is cold- Ummm, that means it will crackle almost instantly for you!! Neat??!! Normally not a crackle girl but I actually really liked it here!! And it’s not all over.  I actually enhanced it with dark wax.


I lived it with it for 4 days just blue.  My little girl got sick and I spent 2 days in bed with her and then I wasn’t feeling well… And then the weekend came and went.  I knew I wanted to stencil but would it be too much?? I am an embellishing queen so never ask me if it’s too much!! I’ll never tell you it is.


I took the end of my Silver Mink can that just had a tad bit left in it and poured a smidge of Cobblestone in it and water… shook up really well and had the perfect wash for color!! I stenciled very impatiently the wonderful pattern I have used on clients pieces but wanted to use somewhere for me!! And then sanded it down and used the Light Brown wax over it to age it!! I finished it off with 2 coats of wipe on poly!! And I love it!! And even the hubbz loves it too!! {At least he said so very enthusiastically!!}


So, what are you waiting for?? Go paint your fridge!!

My little helper… she’s using a dry pad to make sure it’s perfect… yes we washed our hand right after!!
Come back tomorrow to find out what else I have been painting!!  Happy Painting Y’all!!


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  1. amazing… im doing it!

  2. It’s beautiful! You are very courageous! What a great way to save an old fridge from being replaced!

    • Lori Young says:

      Thank you Vintage Street Designs. I am already a follower of you on facebook!! I will check you out on your blog right now!! Come back often and thank you for leaving such a nice comment!! I am loving comments!! 🙂

  3. Oh…I’m also happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit! Blessings ~ Judy

  4. Katie says:

    Lori…Just found your blog, and I love it! I have a very old fridge that could use a little cuteness, and I think this will be it, Thanx for sharing…XoXo

  5. Peggy Sue says:

    You’re brave to take on such a project. I wouldn’t even know what kind of paint to use on a frig. Looks marvelous!

  6. Carlie says:

    I need this done to my frig!

  7. You are awesome. I totally considered painting my stainless fridge a few months ago (only because I can’t afford a REAL vintage fridge and at the time, wanted a lavender one) but the husband totally thumbs downed me on it! lol I love risk takers and you have just saved a bunch of people from feeling the need to replace their outdated fridges. Charming fridge, Lori!

    • Lori Young says:

      Jamie thank you!! I know it was a huge risk and I think I had a small heart attack myself with the first stroke of the magnetic paint. But I was in love and yes in these days with money going out everywhere… who wants to buy a new fridge when you can buy a quart of paint and be just as happy!! That makes my hubby happy!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your lower cabinets in that pop of color!!

  8. Serah says:

    I love love love it, when someone is brave enough to be different! It paid off! It looks amazing! Good job girl!

  9. Rose says:

    Can I ask how you handled the door pulls and the water dispenser?

    • Lori Young says:

      Rose I painted those the same and sealed them really well with the wipe on poly. The water dispenser is actually made out of plastic so it was super easy. I didn’t touch the place that you push for the water {grey} and the spout.
      I could have taken the handles off to paint but they would have been harder to paint. Easy with the curved out to get in with a small cubby brush.
      Thank you!!

  10. Karin Chudy says:

    I thought I was the only one that got WILD HAIRS…and has painted there kitchen so many times its actually gotten smaller in square footage!! Your fridge looks awesome!! How fun…I would paint mine if I didn’t think the minute I did it would up and die…LOL It came with the house and pretty sure its on its last legs..
    Great Job!

    • Lori Young says:

      Oh Karin we are alike!! We moved in almost 3 years ago- the walls in the kitchen have been 4 different colors now, I have changed out my tables 3 times {finally like what i have and a client bought one set- couldnt say NO}, I have done my cabinets but want to redo them now that I have a love affair with chalk paint, I knew if we got a new fridge this one would go to garage anyway so in my hubby’s great words of wisdom “It’s just paint & it’s ours” So I went for it!! Pretty happy I did. But it’s like changing your haircolor a bit. I still double take it because it’s been stainless it’s whole life… heehee

  11. This is so cool – just shared it on my FB page!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! i want to do it myself but do you think it will look like this if i have a Black fridge? What is the Light Brown wax you talked about putting over? And where did you get this stencil?!

  13. Beja says:

    OH HOW I LOVE THIS! And the timing is perfect. My friend just gave me an old mini fridge that is doo doo brown, and I already wanted to paint it, but I was thinking blackboard. Now I’m thinking pattern.


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