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I am so very very excited to be one of the first retailers for a new paint about to make it’s way to you & very soon!! I stumbled upon this paint line via facebook when I was headed to Austin with my husband.  We were in a lot of traffic, and I hate traffic, so I was trying to take my attention to something else… I saw a post by a page in the UK I adore and it spoke of Autentico chalk paints.  I did a little research and sent off an email to find a retailer here in the US… I wanted to try it!!
I got an email back within an hour and asked if my information could be sent to Annie!! I met with her shortly after I returned and have absolutely adored the relationship I have been able to build with such a talented and genuine person!! I mean it when I say- I literally adore her!! She couldn’t have a sweeter and more giving disposition.  I love when you meet people that are of the same philosophy and mindset.
“There is certainly enough room in this business for everyone.”  I love what I do and I want to share it with others and help them love where they are!! There are so many people out there that love to DIY and I am definitely one of those types so I know you!! And there are lots more that don’t want to pick up a brush and make the investment in time or money to paint it themselves and that is perfect- that’s where I come in quite handy!! But I also know that some may want to try but are too scared too- let me help you!! I love to give and I love to teach!! I can’t wait to finally have a superior product that I will be able to do just that with!!

So I will be doing a lot of talking about this fabulous paint line and I can’t wait to finally have it in my hands to start painting these pieces I have been saving!! The people that I have chatted with LOVE it in the UK!!  So, I know we will too!! Very shortly I will have the online shopping cart up and running with the ability for wherever you are in the US to purchase from me online and I will ship it to you!! Can’t wait!!

So for now, I will continue to taunt you with pretty pictures and teasers to get you as excited as I am!! Go check out Maison Blanche Paint’s website and read all about it… And check out Autentico’s {they have the best little music} too!!

Le Craie Color Chart
Antique Wax in Clear, Light Amber, Light Brown, & Dark Brown


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  1. Pamela says:

    I love the containers that the wax is in!


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