Great Wednesday!! How bout you?

  Wow, so many things are happening around here!! I need another me to just to keep up!! Just kidding… well sort of.

I do have to hold on just a wee bit longer to the little secret- which I am so not good at -which is why I haven’t blogged in a bit.  I just want to tell it all… but for now I will just talk about something else…

Let’s talk about Metallic Paint.  It’s been forever in a day since I have used it on anything but when sweet Lindsay decided she wanted to do her bedroom furniture (brand new) I gave her two options: silver leafing or Ralph Lauren’s Regent Metallics… Little did I know it had been so long that Home Depot wasn’t carrying it anymore.  Well, spray paint wasn’t an option.  Don’t get me wrong back in the day I was a spray paint diva… I still have a few pieces that are in perfect condition that I actually did spray paint… No one would ever guess today!! But it just wasn’t what I wanted to use for this!!

So, I tried Benjamin Moore’s silver glaze.. I primed in ASCP Paris Grey- yes a pricey option but with the slick surface it was ideal and the right color.  YUCK!! It was so thick and brush strokes were horrid!! I can’t even tell you how much I didn’t like that stuff.  You all know I LOVE my Benjamin Moore paints but this wasn’t good.  I then tried Martha’s version of metallics- nope.  It’s not any better than a craft paint.. which would be great in small craft type things but definitely not a long or tall dresser. 

So, I tried the stinking Ralph Lauren paint locator… to no luck I finally found something that gave me Mr J’s Paint Store in Dallas… I headed there on Friday and found out the didn’t have it and likely wouldn’t but check back Monday (they were moving store fronts).  Went Monday morning and still nothing… but he did share why.  Seems as though RL doesn’t make much money off the quarts and they are pushing retailers to use the gallons.  Well whatever just give me the gallons… and oh sweet birds are singing again!! I love this stuff!! It’s so much nicer to work with and I now have a lifetime supply so bring on your pieces you would like painted in a pretty silver plated or in Irongate!! Beautiful… It was worth the hassle of hunting it down and paying a little {a lot} more for!!

Sneak Peek…

The other thing I worked on today was for the twins… the second desk to the mix.  Pictures that are taken far away on Craigslist are for a reason!! And this one is no exception!! It is a darling little french desk that has been horribly abused with 3 or 4 layers of yucky paint jobs.  Really bad paint jobs. So much so that Lori {the mom of the twins} thought it would disintegrate from all the stripper I would have to use!! I chuckle at the thought!! Anyway, It’s a doozy!! But will be oh so much prettier when she is done… Here’s the beautiful before and during the stripping…

 This is the beautiful chair that will go with this desk!! She loves it and so do I!! Great find!!

See far away they don’t look so bad huh??

stay tuned for more news and the afters of these beautiful pieces!! Night y’all!!


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