Success to me…

I sit here with itchy watery eyes, sneezing and stuffy yet runny nose… wishing that white cotton snow would GO AWAY!! Can’t wait to take my night time medicine so I can get some sleep!! Only to wake up the same way!! Allergies this time of year are the worst… and when you don’t have them, you don’t understand that they are literally the death of you!! But enough of the whining…

I got a ton done today despite the way I feel.  And more poor little mini me had to go in to the dr to make sure hers was just allergies too… and it was.  But with her she turns so fast you just have to make sure.  It was so wonderful to hear the last time she was in “sick” was Jan 2011. WOW!! After her first  year and a half of life that was super good news!!

I have been looking at branding companies and marketing materials all day my head could just spin!! I am hoping to get some good stuff to unify all the different places I currently sit!! I want to be able to share in a nice professional way with new and potential clients!!

I have already shared the desk I had done a few weeks back… but I put it up on etsy and it sold! I was thrilled.  But I had to repaint it- and where that isn’t always a girls dream, I was more than happy to for this buyer!! I am so blessed to do what I do and that is why I do it!!

I say this not to boast, because that isn’t who I am at all!! But I don’t have to work.  I am blessed that my husband has a wonderful job and supports us well!! I worked for most of my life and sometimes 2 jobs at a time while going to school full time.  I have always worked.  I am totally motor driven and have to have a project going at all times… insert my happy home!! In starting this business I have had such fun doing what I love for others!! I love that a friend today said “be sure to determine what success you want to achieve before the stress of that comes first.”  I tell you I already knew, success to me is what got me hooked.

I had redone a few pieces that I found on CL for good prices- sold way too low for the Annie Sloan paint I was using… but I wasn’t sure if anyone would buy.  They sold literally in minutes of putting back up on CL- either too low or I was just really that good.  Haha!! Then I sold a desk to a sweet sweet lady {Nancy}.  When I delivered it over 1 1/2 hours away and she smiled and got all giddy because it was even better in person… I was hooked!! She sent me home with a trunk to redo just like the desk… delivered and she sent me home with her vanity!! That to me was the best compliment ever and the validation that I was definitely doing what I wanted to do and doing it well. I quickly then and there decided I wanted to paint for others- not just pick and redo and sell… I got to hear all about her home- the pieces I was redoing and her story.  I got to be a small, okay very small part of the history those pieces would go onto live.  And I loved it!! That was

So onto the sharing of what that desk looks like now!! It’s Benjamin Moore’s Spring Sky and the white trim is Cotton Balls- and if you ask me they should have named it Tiffany Blue!! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!

Pardon this missing cushion.. it wasn’t ready for the picture!!

I hope you have a wonderful night!!


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  1. Beloved says:

    Thank you Lori for creating a truly stunning and special piece. I can assure you it will be loved well and used to pray daily. I am truly as excited as a child at Christmas! I cannot wait until this beauty is up here in Massachusetts!

  2. Ha, I was just sneezing myself when I opened your post – I thought you were talking to me!!! What a beautiful colour you’ve painted, gorgeous!

    • Lori Young says:

      I hope you stop sneezing!! That isn’t any fun!! Thank you for the wonderful comment!! I have enjoyed looking at your facebook page today!! Have a great night!! ~Lori

  3. Wendy says:

    I just bought a sample of this color at our local BM store for my Craft room. I hope it’s as pretty on the walls as it is on your furniture! 🙂

    • Lori says:

      Oh Wendy I bet it would be beautiful on a wall!! Especially in a craft room!! Send pictures when you are done!! I’d love to see!! ~ lori

  4. Chris says:

    Was type of paint was used?
    Flat?.. Beautiful color!!!


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