Beautiful Blues…

So I just came in from seeing the new movie “The Lucky One”… & I loved it.  I am going to sneak in a quick post on the sofa table I just finished for Lori- neat working with another Lori.  Anyhoo, she picked it up yesterday and loved it!! Yay!!

It was a very cool piece.  I love the piece and love the color she chose.  It’s not one I had thought about using before and I am so glad she chose it!! It’s done in Annie Sloan’s County Grey as the base and Aubussom Blue on top.  We left a little of the top in wood also.  She has a lot of wood and this just kinda lets it be it’s own piece but still feel at home too!!

Updated Post resizing pictures this post was pre WordPress…
Gorgeous view of top left and refreshed.
The curves of this piece were amazing to work with and photograph!!
Entry Table Redo by Vintage Charm Restored
Painted Table Makeover
It has amazing details all around it that were so fun to play with!!
Aubusson-Blue-Entry-Table-Makeover by Vintage Charm Restored
Have a great night!! Thanks for stopping in!!


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  1. Carolyn says:

    This is Beautiful! I love the color!!

  2. […] so perfectly!!  I used the same quart of paint I had used back on this beautiful sofa table… {click here to see}.  I still have 1/2 a quart left after this dresser.  It only took one coat of paint!! Amazing […]

  3. […] this beautiful table, I found it for the client.  It was an hour from my home and I did charge a small fee to go pick […]


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