Can you shabby chic Ikea?? Yes with chalk paint anything is possible!!

Good Morning!! I have been a bad blogger and apologize. With my busy schedule, {like everyone else I’m sure} I went for the quick facebook posts and didn’t take the time it took to really sit down here to chat!!
I ran into Ace yesterday to pick up my trusty Benjamin Moore paint from Julie {nice nice paint lady}. I am repainting the French Provincial Desk for a sweet lady that bought it off of Etsy. Her fabric came and it’s just a touch off from what I think the monitor showed. So I color matched it and off I went!!
While I was waiting on it to be mixed, I was standing in the isle by the stains contemplating if I needed anything and a dear older lady {come to find out was 72} asked me- “Do you think dark wood is out?” I did an inside little chuckle as she’s holding a can of Red Oak stain and said No… because truly I love dark wood. Well her daughter told her that dark wood was out and she should paint her dresser white. Then I did an outside chuckle and told her I refinished furniture everyday and most likely would have painted her piece as well… but that didn’t matter at all if she like dark wood she should absolutely go for it- after all, it’s her piece she is about to work on and if white isn’t what she likes then it doesn’t matter what we think!! Anyway, she proceeded to tell me she had done her kitchen cabinets herself in this very stain and she had painted her whole house herself. “The doctor told me not to climb a ladder but I told him I may be a 72 year old body but I’m 50 in heart and mind!!” I laughed until she told me climbing up on the counter she broke her pelvis while doing those cabinets… but she healed just fine and got up on that ladder anyway!! Telling my husband this story last night he hung his head down and asked how I like meeting my future self??!! So funny!!

I share that story because it is a little like myself. I love meeting each and every person I meet!! Truly!! It is so fun meeting with my clients and hearing the stories behind the pieces I am about to redo. I love that I am able to be a part of that story in just a little way. It’s so much more fun that just redoing a piece and never knowing who and where it’s going to. I may be just a tad to attached to my pieces. But that’s why I don’t mind repainting a piece if it doesn’t quite match where it’s going to be sitting… Cynthia told me where she’s using it, how important it is to her to have it just so, and you know what it’s going to be treasured which makes my job so rewarding!! Here are a few pieces I have done recently. I hope you enjoy!!

I’ll be working on my blog this weekend a bit here and there to try and get my gallery full of pictures and pieces that are available up in that area as well!! I’ll be redoing my about section so you can really get to know who I am. thanks for visiting and I hope you will come back often!!

These are for Lindsay… I’ve done her nursery, chairs for dining, an armoire, a desk for her craft room {below}, entry table {below}.. and she’s bringing me her bedroom furniture tomorrow. I love the compliment that it is to have repeat business!! & I adore her and her family!!



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