Buried in the sea of painted furniture….

Well, I had shared the news on facebook that I would be collaborating with a new friend who shared the same love of refinishing furniture and then I got buried alive. I was trying to continue painting for all my wonderful clients and get some inventory I had done to put in her booth… So, let’s talk.

Anyone who knows me- Knows I do nothing half way or half speed… call it the ADHD’r I am or just the passionate person I am. I am full of urgency and have tons of energy and it can either be annoying or highly motivating to others. We clicked and had some real great moments of wanting to get to the dream I have & she has… but in the quick end- we didn’t match really. I have a love for painting for my clients and not for filling a booth. I am in desparate need for balance. And although, I think that it’s beautiful to be able to do both… my family comes first and I can’t keep staying up till 2 in the morning {{as much as I love to}} and get up early to do it all over again day after day. I started to seriously “listen” and not just pray and keep moving full speed ahead.

Really when I started this just 6 months ago, I would have never dreamed I’d be where I am. I started crossing off goals a couple of months ago and need to look ahead and see where I was going. I love that this has become a wonderful financial blessing to my family- when I just hoped to do 1 or 2 pieces a month. I love that I am doing something that I love and others are actually loving it too!! I love all the wonderful people that I get to paint for and meet… I love that they keep bringing me more to do!! The stories I hear about the pieces I am painting. The rooms I am changing one piece at a time, makes my heart full and so happy!! All on a prayer to help me find something that I can do- that I love and could share that love with others!!

That all being said- Vintage Charm Restored is just the same as yesterday and last week or even last month. Just me {Lori Young} happily painting for you!! I do it all by hand and I love every minute of it!! For now, I am not going to be in a retail space. If the client work should take a lull, I will relook at that plan later. But right now I am booked into May and I am happy just cruising along!! Truly blessed beyond measure by His love and talent given to me to do this for you!!

And if you are still with me I will share the pieces you may have already seen on facebook- my crutch, it’s fast to upload and ever so fast!! But I promise I haven’t forgotten to blog. I will likely forget to facebook and keep writing. I love talking to whoever will listen!! 🙂

Gorgeous Rustic Pine cabinet turned fun and chic!!

And lots of chairs… some for a client and still more and more for the Chocolate Angel Tea Room..

I need to be sure and get a picture of the 20 chairs I have done already in a wonderful Old White shabby look with dark wax… they were the chairs from a steakhouse that are nothing french but they got them for a wonderful price hoping I could make them work and in the restaurant they work!! I didn’t believe so until I painted them up and took them in… It’s really a wonderful establishment you must try!! Marcia and Sherrie both are amazing and sweet women. Mia is of course partial to Marcia.

If you are still with me.. Here’s my sweet girl from today. We played in the blueboneets after church today before the big rain came in..

Happy Easter y’all!!



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