Table Set {check} garage clean {check}…

It’s been one productive weekend!! I got busy Saturday morning early {like 6 am early}. I am not a morning girl but I needed alone time with some paint and table set that had to get done!! {{need the space back}} It took until Saturday night to truly get her done!! But she is and she’s so beautiful.

We got this set off CL and turns out the couple we got it from knew nothing about it. They are like those people off Storage Wars and had bought the storage unit that this lovely sat in!! I was hooked the moment I saw the legs!! They are simply amazing!! Such a cool and fun set. And alas, I can’t find the before picture!! Bummer.

But I do have some from the beginning of the process. This was a set that is solid wood but had one of those speckled walnut veneers on top. Some of it smooth but mostly the spindles were pretty rough in texture. I had envisioned pure white softly distressed. But when we got into it.. she said “that’s not who I am”- Yes my furniture talks to me. Lots of times it sits waiting for me listen to what color it wants to change into. {{Wardrobe changing is very important you know… It can make or break the scene!!}}

Amazing Chair tops…

And oh those legs!!

Look at that fun edge and the detail in the carving. Looks like little hearts!!

I did a little digging last night trying to find something on the age of the table or even it’s style. Its obviously old maybe 60’s 70’s- very much like a French Provincial set that I had- same finish to start. It’s probably a reproduction piece and looks to be the Baroque Style. The legs are almost harp-like shaped. I just love them!! I hadn’t ever scene anything like it.

Now there are a lot of pics that I could post but I’ll leave it to the finished product and a few of the details.

She’s so gorgeous all gussied up now!! I have had a few questions lately and I love the emails and messages!! Keep them coming, I love to share what I learn!! One question was regarding fabric and for this post I want to share a tip I learned watching Mr Nate Burkus. When recovering dining room chairs always search out shower curtains first!! They are made in such a size that is perfect for usually 4 chairs easily. They are already in a heavier fabric that is treated to resist water and stains. I did this personally on my dining room chairs over a year ago- prior to that I had changed them out 3 times in 1 year!! This was a great tip!! Lots of $$ savings. But for this set I couldn’t find one that was matching what I wanted in my mind and I ran into several shops not wanting to drive to Hobby Lobby and needing now and not able to order off or others… So I hit Pier 1 and got all 4 cushions off a curtain panel. It’s a heavier duck material and oh so perfect!! Think outside of the box!!

Thanks for listening to me ramble!! Have a great night!!



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