My experience with a new paint..

I love to share my findings {good and bad} with paint products I try out. I was so excited to use a no VOC & non-toxic paint on the nursery I just did. I think that of all areas in your home, a nursery should take top priority when it comes to painting with an eco-friendly product!! That being said, I offered it up to client after reading wonderful reviews. Their color palette is a little more earthy toned than ASCP- but beautiful. I used Vintage White.
I personally will likely never use this paint again!! It took more than double the paint over ASCP and double the time. I honestly thought when I opened the 2nd can that I would find a rich creamy paint and the first was just off somehow. Nope not even the 3rd and 4th. And that’s how many cans it has taken for the dresser, dresser/hutch, 2 head and foot boards to crib and slats. It took 4 coats to get a good solid coverage. Longer to dry than the other and if you aren’t “completely” dry the next coat takes off the first!! I was sooo disappointed. Then the distressing stage came and it does come off a lot easier than the other paints but that can be good only if you know this first… but that was my suspicion and so I went with a 220 grit and lightly lightly sanded. It is a beautiful beautiful finish… I told my client it’s almost like childbirth. You go thru all the hard stuff and then see the end and almost forget what it took to get there. But alas… I do think for the bed slats I will use my sprayer and this paint my be perfect for spraying just not hand brushing.

So, that is my two cents on CeCe Caldwell’s chalk paint. Not sold!!


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  1. Anne says:

    Lori….I am so surprised in your response for CeCe Caldwell’s Paint/Products. I just finished giving a workshop in Sonoma, CA and the response in using and applying CeCe’s paint was over whelming. I have been in paint many years and affiliated with various decorative brands. CeCe’s coverage and colors are “over the top”. I did 42 cabinet doors, both sides, the facing and 18 drawer fronts… took less than 4 quarts of paint. Please check with your SW Distributor listed on CeCe’s website, and share your comments with her before critiquing a beautiful “GREEN” all natural product. Thank you and keep on painting.
    Western Director for CeCeCaldwell’s paint and products

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you for posting! I’m a furniture painter as well and have been curious about this paint but haven’t tried it yet.


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