Busy Busy Busy

Tis the Season to be Busy Fa la la la la la la la!!!

I have been so busy decorating for Christmas and painting and creating!! It has been such a wonderful time of year!! I love it. Colors are finally beginning to change and cooler temps blow in and away just as quickly as they come in. But it’s all good!!

Here’s a look at some of the things I have been busy creating!!

I redid a beautiful armoire.. well it’s beautiful now. not so much before!! I do love the etching on the mirrored door. This beauty is sitting in my craft room. I am thinking about overpricing it on CL and seeing if it would sell.. then I would be willing to part with it. Maybe.

The first coat was painted directly over the paint (that is truly what I love about the chalk paint. No priming or sanding or messing with anything. Unless there are obvious blemishes that would show thru your paint job!). It is called Primer Red. Then I painted 2 coats of duck egg blue. And then the sanding began!! This was a doozey!! I advise that if you have allergies or sensitive skin wear gloves and a respirator mask. It literally is a chalk dust bowl!! Then a coat of dark wax and 2 coats clear was. I added chalkboard contact paper to the little mirrored door. Which is a great little storage area.

I also just redid this one. I used Old Ochre over the black and lightly sanded off in some areas. With clear wax over the top. Replaced the knobs. Listed it and it SOLD!! Woohoo. So I am on my way to making this work for me!! Christmas is my goal. Buy and redo enough to pay for Christmas with cash!! (Which we do anyway, but with me making the cash this time!!)

Here she is before.

More to share but I’ll save it for tomorrow.


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